Call for Papers: Open Research Practices and Reproducibility in Expertise Research

Attention in psychological research has recently turned to methods and practices that facilitate a robust body of empirical evidence, leading to improved theory development. These methods and practices include open science initiatives—emphasizing reproducibility, transparency, and data sharing—as well as replication studies.

The primary goal of the current special issue is to explore these and related areas, as they pertain to research on expertise.
Special issue editors Brooke N. Macnamara and Samuel T. McAbee invite authors to submit papers (approximately 3,000 words) that address a clearly defined question related to open research practices or reproducibility in expertise research.

Examples of possible manuscripts include but are not limited to:

  • Direct or near-direct replications of past findings
  • Reports of multi-lab replication studies and/or adversarial collaborations
  • Systematic reviews or meta-analyses that address the robustness of evidence from past research findings (e.g., seldom tested but widely accepted models or effects).
  • Examinations of statistical, analytical, and reporting practices that may impact reproducibility of findings or conclusions drawn from research findings.
  • Discussions of the relevance of data transparency and data sharing practices for theoretical advancements and methodological rigor
  • Reviews of best practices and their application.
The deadline to be considered for the special issue is August 1, 2019. Please submit your manuscript here.


  • Empirical reports describing basic and applied research on expertise
  • Brief reports, including replication attempts, or studies addressing questions of limited scope
  • Commentaries and replies concerning research reported in JoE
  • Book reviews summarizing and critiquing books relevant to expertise
  • Target articles addressing theoretical and methodological issues in expertise research

Journal Mission

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