Upload Your Files

File names should adhere to the following format:
"Author's Last Name - Manuscript Title.doc"
"Author's Last Name - Manuscript Title.pdf"
"Author's Last Name - Supplementary Materials.doc"
"Author's Last Name - Figure 1.eps"
"Author's Last Name - Table 1.xlsx"

At least two files are required: a cover letter and the main document. The cover letter should include a very brief (2-3 sentence) description of the work, and up to 3 suggested reviewers (with no conflicts of interest) and 3 non-preferred reviewers. The main document should include: (1) an abstract, (2) the main text with figures and tables embedded in the text (not at the end), (3) a reference list, (4) appendices (if any), and (5) supplemental online materials (if any). The main document should be submitted with any word processor format (e.g., Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer) plus a copy in pdf. Submissions to JoE should follow APA style, but minor deviations from APA style that do not affect the overall style/readability of the manuscript are acceptable.

Figures should be submitted in .eps format. If you prepare your figures with R, please submit the code.
For tables, avoid use of the .docx format. Preferred format is Excel file or, if prepared with R, the R code.
Any LaTeX format is accepted, and when the manuscript contains several mathematical formulas, this is the preferred format.
Authors are encouraged to submit raw data, with explanations of variables if the data file is not self-explanatory, and codes used for the analysis.
Each file should not exceed 10MB.